sterilizer box wireless charger
6025 sterilizer box wireless charger digital alarm
6025 UV sterilizer box wireless charger

UV Sterilizer Box Wireless Charger and Alarm Clock Temperature 6025

Disinfection box wireless charger:
Designed for this COVID-19 especially, it is coming into markets now. This UV sterilizer box wireless charger with clock and temperature display, which can provide with the multifunction of power charging and sterilization as well. It is also designed with clock and temperature display, making it more convenient for end users, to prevent smartphones or other small items to as a carrier of virus and bacterium. Another advantage of uvc sterilizer is just the wireless charging pad with clock. All things that can fit within its space can all be disinfected in 5 minutes, killing 99.9% of the germs around us.

Detail specifications:
Size: 200×124.5x45mm
Unit color: silver, black
Type-C Input: DC 5V/3A
USB output: 5V/2A
Wireless charger output: 5W
UV lamp: 2x1W
Package: white cardboard box

More information about this item:
1. A helper to can kill various bacteria
2. When you open the cover, the UV lights go off to ensure safety
3. Wireless charging function
4. Can be brought on board
5. Clock, alarm clock, thermometer, three brightness adjustment of display brightness
6. The sterilization box is suitable for most mobile phones and small items
7. Foreign body protection, overload, overvoltage and short circuit protection

Standard white box
80CM 2A Charging cable
Standard manual

Options: silkscreen printing,full color printing,uv printing,water transfer printing
Printing Areas: Front,back,lateral Side
Front side printing Size : 172x97mm, 78x17mm
Back side printing Size : 117x182mm
Lateral side printing Size : 117x28mm

More detail descriptions about UV light wireless charger:

UV sterilizer box wireless charger 6025

                                  Mulitifunctional item you deserve

  • UV light sterilizer box to protect yourself and your family from virus and bacterium
  • 5W or 10W wireless charger for your QI standard mobile phones and other QI devices,fast and easy charging 
  • digital alarm clock, you may have 3 sets alarms for everyday schedule, keep easy and keep relax
  • room temperature,C/F optional,it is a good reference for your wearings today
  • USB port for power out to your other devices
UV wireless charger clock temperature

Big Sterilizer box for mobilephones and small items

  • Designed UV light disinfection box is suitable for most mobile phones in the markets now, size from 4 inch to 6.7 inches in brands of Iphone,Samsung,Huawei,Xiaomi and other phones
  • Other small items suitable for box, such as earings,necklace,rings,keychains,or pens,etc
uv sterilizer box wireless charger alarm clock

 UV light sterilizing box for virus and bacterium

  • UV light Sterilizing: Press the UV Light Button to turn on the UV lights. once it works, the sign light up at the left side of display.
  • The UV lights will turn off itself after 5mins,or press button to turn off UV lights.
  • There will be sound tick and LED turn offonce sterilize done.
  • Note: Do not turn on the UV lights when the cover is opening and do not open the cover during sterilizing.UV LED will turn off automatically if the cover opened.
uv sanitizer box wireless charger

3 LED lightness and power-saving and power-off protection

  • The lightness of LED display is ok to change to suit your daily life:3 levels: high-medium-low
  • It is also with power-saving function: Turn on/off the power-saving function by pressing the button(5). (ON with display oNSd and OFF shows –Sd). Press twice to switch Standby or Power saving status.
  • External power-off protection:If power supply is interrupted, clock function will keep time though the LED display will turn off and buttons will be unresponsive. Once powered is restored, the time will resume appropriately.
disinfection box with wireless charger

Wireless charger with protections

  • Easy for mobile phone wireless charged, no charging cable required anymore
  • This item is with over-temperature, over-current protection, over-voltage and short-circuit protection.
  • The wireless charger could find non-suitable items automatically, such as rings or keyrings which are not ok to be charged
  • But do not overcharge your phone. The unit may become hot under excessive use. Remove your phone once it is fully charged. Never charge your phone for more than 7 hours in one time.
UV light disinfection box

Radiation protection

  • UV lights will be off when you pen the cover of UV sterilizer box, and this can protect you from the readiation
  • This sterilizer box is opaque to light, it will automatically shut down the light  when disinfection is finished,and it will automatically  light off when the box cover is opened,so you can avoid UV light damage.
uvc sterilizer for virus and bacturim

Sterilizer box is a must for our daily life now

  • Our mobile phones have to be disinfected usually to prevent virus and germs
  • As said,there are aroung 200,000 kinds of bacteria per square centimeter of mobile phone. Based on this, there would have 2 million bacteria on the whole phone.
  • We use mobile phones nearly in every places nowdays,whatever it is clean or not
  • Also our daily small items, rings,earings,keys,watches,etc
  • You need a sterilizer box for yourself and your family of course
uvc light sanitizer box wireless charger

You just need 5 minutes to have effective sterilization

  • This UV light sterilization box is effective for 99.9% bacterium and virus
  • This sterilizer box is in use of UV-C LED lights with ultraviolet wavelenghts of 200-280mm.This light may destroy the molecular structure of DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA(ribonucleic acid) in microbial body cells,which could cause bacteria and virus to lose vitality and reproduction ability.
  • UV light sterilizing box is a useful and workable item to protect you.

More unit pictures and video for your checking:

uvc light sanitizer
UV wireless charger clock temperature
uv sterilizer box wireless charger alarm clock
disinfection box with wireless charger
uv sanitizer box wireless charger
UV light disinfection box
uvc sterilizer for virus and bacturim
uvc light sanitizer box wireless charger
UV sterilizer box wireless charger 6025

Please check below video for more detail checking about UVC disinfection box charger:

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