100% custom design or bespoke advertising products for your business brand, saying thanks,personal recognition or awarding excellence, a list of promotional items is under your choice: usb drive, mobile power bank, wireless charging pad, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth earbud cover, and usb charge cable. These are all ok to make bespoke designs as you want, in the shape of your logo or your product, or building or anything as you like. They are unique completely of course. Just new mold cost + unit price and shipping cost will be charged, no hidden fees. What you see is what you want.

custom usb flash drive and power bank wireless chargers

Custom promotional USB flash drive, ok to make in very different shapes. 2D and 3D both are ok. There is no competition when it is a customized usb drive. Usually, it is made from soft PVC or silicone rubber, and soft PVC is much cheaper than silicone rubber. MOQ for soft PVC is 100pcs, and for silicone rubber is 1000pcs. Just send us your logo or product designs and we will do the rest, including prepare drawing layout, make physical sample and mass production. We have fast sample and mass production time as a part of good services. Drawing layout time:1 day, sample time: 3 work days, mass production time: 7-15 days, it depends on order quantity. And it could be any shapes, such as airplane usb, truck usb stick, car usb drive, bottle shape usb flash drive, even the usb flash stick in the shape of your products.

Business merchandise Power bank in 2000mah,3000mah,4000mah, always will be in rectangle shape, because there will have battery cell inside. The final size will depend on the battery capacity finally. As usual, it is in 3D design. It is ok to be animal shape power bank, truck portable power bank, or some oil bottle power bank. The size of this power bank will be a little bigger than usb drive of course. And the material is in soft PVC too as suggest. Drawing layout time:2-3 days, sample time: 4-5 work days, mass production time: 10-20 days, it depends on order quantity. MOQ=100pcs only.

Company gift Wireless charger, it has to be in flat design, because we will have mobile phone on it to be charged. Then the shape should be in similar flat round. Mostly in 2D design to have flat surface for charging. Material is in soft PVC too. Drawing layout time:2-3 days, sample time: 4-5 work days, mass production time: 10-20 days, it depends on order quantity. MOQ=500pcs or 1000pcs some special designs.

Advertising specialties USB cable, ok in custom designs for usb body, and custom unit colors for cables. Soft PVC material is ok. You may have single color for all cables, or different colors for these cables. Custom USB charging cable is ok for 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1 or others. MOQ=500pcs or 1000pcs some special designs. It depends. Drawing layout time:2-3 days, sample time: 4-5 work days, mass production time: 10-20 days, it depends on order quantity.

Branded Bluetooth speaker is ok to make in custom designs too by soft PVC material, such as the pictures of panda Bluetooth speaker and pumpkin Bluetooth speaker above. MOQ=1000pcs.Usually it is 3D models. And it will be a little heavier than standard speaker due to its material and unit size.

Completely unique promotional gift for your company and customers, just send your artworks and say what you want, then you will enjoy all of your joys. Have a good day, thank you.

100% Custom Design, in any shape you like, custom logo usb thumb drive, portable emergency power bank, personalize moible wireless charger, promotional bluetooth speaker, OEM usb cable, competitive product airpod cover, and ad specialties new usb in new plastic mould.

 This service will give you 100% customized product according to your request on shape or unit colour. Please send us your detail idea if you would like to make some unique items for above product lines. We are ok to make design service free of charge and make samples with charges before mass production.

Bespoke Branded Merchandise product is ok to follow your company logo, your product or marketing slogan, office or some buildings, airplane/bus/ship travel tools, or something else whatever you like. The standard product material is soft PVC, due to it is easy and less costly. Silicon material is ok too if you like.  And for some special request, plastic material or metal is ok, but it will require more quantity and expensive mold cost.  MOQ in soft PVC material for each design is 100pcs only as trial order.

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