USB flash drives in private designs are all in private molds, and in very unique designs. Some models are with LED lighting logo, which is much popular in the markets, and some are push or pull designs, which are most favorite for many clients. We have been in usb drive markets for more than 15 years, so we know well what the market is going forward.

Unique advertising promotional usb disk are very popular in the promotional gift markets of USA and Europe at present, such as Spain, Germany, Austria, UK and France. Some models are available in USB3.0 too, which is much faster in reading and writing speed when data transfer.

Please contact us for detail offers if interest in these unique usb drive models.

PP-44 metal type c usb

PP-42 usb-c glass usb

PP-41 USB-C glass usb

PP-40 LED logo usb

Metal USB light logo

PP-04 Metal USB light logo

Metal Key USB light LOGO

PP-05 Metal Key USB light acrylic

push USB flash drive light logo

PP-08 push USB drive light logo

Slide USB light logo

PP-03 Slide USB light logo

led key usb

PP-10 led key usb drive

clip light logo usb disk

PP-17 Clip usb light logo

lighting logo usb flash drive


backlight logo usb key

PP-16 Metal usb disk light logo

mini usb stick

PP-07 mini usb with cord

flash drive with cord

PP-21 push usb led logo

push usb drive with cord

PP-15 Push light logo usb

metal push usb memory drive

PP-06 Classic aluminum USB

bottle opener card usb drive

PP-02 Card USB with Bottle Opener

mini usb stick

PP-34 push usb drive

push flash drive

PP-36 mini push usb disk

twister thumb drive

PP-11 mini twister usb light logo

flash disk

PP-09 mini twister usb

16gb pen drive

PP-18 metal push usb

custom flash drives

PP-22 180 degree turn usb

crystal light usb drive

PP-39 Lighting crstal usb drive

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