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Wooden flash drive are unique and attractive for your promotional marketing plans with branded logo. We have a large selection of personalized wooden USB drives, which provide you a great solution for your company and promotional targets with custom logo.

Bamboo USB flash drive with marketing logos are made in bamboo or light maple wood, dark walnut wood. With these wooden memory sticks, your logo can be in color printed, or laser engraved on the usb at no additional cost. Digital printings are also ok on some usb models.

Eco friendly USB disk include recycled paper, wood, bamboo, cork, red wood,degradable material. And in different designs such as square,oval,round,twister even credit card usb drive. Do you have an earth-friendly focus? Pick a bamboo flash drive. We can personalize these wood USB drives with your logo. Prefile loading is available, deletable or undeletable. Custom icon when use or data locked.

More information about advertising wooden pen drives:

  • Capacity: 2gb,4gb,8gb,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB
  • Logo: silk printing,laser engrave,digital print
  • Package: white paper box,PP box,metal box,gift box,window box,wooden box
  • Service: data preloading, Auto-run,Space partition,Password Protection

Below please see a small part of our wooden usb memory sticks for your reference, or contact us for detail offers now!

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