metal clip silver or black usb stick

U134M metal clip usb stick

metal udp flash drive with laser logo

U100M metal mini usb memory drive

metal bottle opener usb

U103M metal usb with bottle opener

golden usb drive with keyring

U110M metal usb disk

usb key in different unit colours laser logo

U22M Key USB flash drive

triangle shape key usb disk

U24M usb key

keyring usb

U01M mini twister usb

swivel usb key multi unit colours

U10M usb flash disk mini size

mini twister usb

U08M keyring usb stick

metal colorful usb drive with keyring

U08M Mini swivel usb

metal push usb memory,laser logo white box

U17M push usb

usb flash drive big keyring

U215M  usb drive metal with keyring

metal usb with stylus pen,good logo area

U86M stylus usb drive

super mini usb thumb drive

U89M UDP usb stick

light bulb usb drive

U36M bulb usb drive

crystal wooden usb stick

U153M crystal wood thumb drive

Mini USB flash drive does not offer big much space for logo, but laser engrave logo and printing logo both are ok. An imprint is possible with us in up to 4 colors. Even on a smooth surface it is very resistant. If the udp USB disk is to be attached to a key chain or attach ring, it is advisable to apply the company logo with a laser engraving for some models, as this is scratch-resistant.

This mini usb drive is excellent in its very tiny size. Some clients don’t like usb disk in big size, but as small as possible. Usually it comes with a keyring or a small mobile attach lanyard. Because this kind of usb flash disk is using UDP flash chips, which are very thin and small, and no need more USB port, mini flash drive can be in very light weight and very small unit size. With Compact, plug-and-stay, high-speed, this mini flash drive is ideal for adding more storage to laptops, game consoles, in-car audio and more. USB2.0 and usb3.0 available, fast reading/writing speed for data transfer.

More information about promotional Mini drive:

  • Capacity: 1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB
  • Logo: silk printing,laser engrave,digital print
  • Package: white paper box,PP box,metal box,gift box,window box
  • Service: data preloading, Auto-run,Space partition,Password Protection

Please contact us for more details or offers if interest.

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