64gb pen drive with ball pen

UP16 pen drive

ballpen usb pen with stylus pen

UP23 usb pen drive

ballpen usb 32gb

UP27 usb pen 

black ball pen with 16gb flash drives

UP02 usb memory in pen shape

usb pen memory drive ballpen usb

UP01 pen usb flash drive

usb pen

UP03 ballpen usb key

laser light ballpen usb flash drive

UP05 usb flash disk pen usb with laser light

laser lighting usb drive

UP08 usb flash memory drive with laser light

pen drive 16gb red black white blue colours

UP17 pen thumb usb

wooden pen drive

UP18 wooden pen usb drive

plastic pen drive 32gb

UP24 ballpen flash disk

usb memory drive 16gb

UP26 ballpen usb flash drive

Pen drive is a usb key with ball pen function, which is in plastic or metal material. Laser engrave logo and printing logo both ok on pen usb disk. Incentives Usb flash drive with ballpen is a little high in weight compared to common ball pen items, due to there is PCB board and flash chip inside.

Logo pen usb stick usually will be made with a laser engrave logo, because the print area is a little small on the case surface of pen body. And laser logo on this kind of metal pen thumb drive is a great choice for your marketing promotional gift. The refills could be changed when use up. Blue or black or red refills is ok during order mass production.  

More information about promotional pen usb:

  • Capacity: 2gb,4gb,8gb,16GB,32GB,64GB
  • Logo: silk printing,laser engrave
  • Package: white paper box,metal box,
  • Service: data preloading, Auto-run,Space partition,Password Protection

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