A 6-in-1 USB charging cable typically refers to a single cable that has multiple connectors at one end, allowing you to charge or connect various devices with different ports using a single cable.

The “6-in-1” designation means that it has six different types of connectors, which could include USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, Lightning (for Apple devices). This kind of cable is convenient for clients who have multiple devices with different charging ports, as it reduces the need to carry multiple cables.

The primary advantage of a 6-in-1 USB cable charger is its versatility and convenience. Here are some specific advantages:

  1. Reduced clutter: Instead of carrying multiple cables for different devices, you only need one cable for charging or connecting various gadgets.
  2. Space-saving: Having one cable for multiple devices means less clutter and fewer cables to manage, which is particularly useful when traveling or working in confined spaces.
  3. Cost-effective: Buying one 6-in-1 cable can be more economical than purchasing several individual cables for each device type.
  4. Compatibility: A 6-in-1 cable typically includes connectors for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, Bluetooth speakers, and more, making it compatible with most of your gadgets.
  5. Convenience: With a single cable, you can charge different devices simultaneously, which can be especially handy if you have limited power outlets available.
  6. Emergency backup: If one of your device-specific cables gets lost or damaged, having a multi-purpose cable can serve as a backup solution until you replace the missing cable.

Overall, a 6-in-1 USB cable charger offers versatility, convenience, and cost savings, making it a practical choice for clients.

logo can be repeat printed on both lanyard and usb port cover.

6 in 1 Lanyard USB Charging cable

Material: Polyester + ABS

Current: 3A max

Length: 90 cm or your custom length

Function: Charging+ Lanyard (Data option) USB & Type-C To Micro +lightning+ type C

Color: Pantone color lanyard with logo