What Eco Wheat straw products we produce ?

As you know, wheat straw plastic is a new technology for product material nowadays. Wheat straw itself can not be made for any daily products, because of its viscosity. And for different kind of items, the ratio of wheat straw and ABS is various, such as: 

usb cable: about 50% wheat straw + 50% ABS
earbuds: about 18% wheat straw + 82% ABS
power bank: about 30% wheat straw + 70% ABS
webcam cover: about 60% wheat straw + 40% ABS

For you to get a general idea about what products we have in wheat straw, we would like to list as below:

1. Qi wireless charger for Iphone, Galaxy, Huawei and other cellphones with wireless charging function.

wheatstraw wireless charger square shape
wheatstraw degradable phone wireless charger
round mobile charger in wheat straw plastic material

 2. usb charge cables

3 in 1 wheatstraw cable
bamboo usb cable
3 IN 1 usb lanyard

 3. power bank and speaker

wheatstraw 5000mah power bank
promotional gift bluetooth speaker
merchandising bluetooth speaker

4.  webcam cover

pull design web camera cover for privacy
eco material camera cover
webcam cover for ipad

The products are made of wheat straw are more degradable. It is friendly to our Earth and environments. These wheatstraw products are more and more popular in promotional markets, because of its new ECO concept. The prices are affordable and competitive, and package are ok to custom made. Promotional corporate logo is certainly ok to be printed on.

Please contact us for more details or price list by sending your E-mail to sales@talect.cn.  Thank you.