What should you know about USB flash drive ?

1.The principle of Flash memory card.
Flash memory can be electrically rewritten and can retain data without powering.This is possible because it is a non-volatile semiconductor. The smallest unit of flash memory is called a cell, but when reading data, electricity is passed through each cell to determine whether the data in that cell is 0 or 1. The data in each cell is collected and finally constitutes the entire data.

2.Rewriting data in memory card
It seems that the card can be rewritten 10,000 to 100,000 times. While the number of rewrites is finite, you can read as many times as you like. This is because reading is to determine the ease of passing electricity through the cell as described above. The fact that rewriting can only be done 100,000 times,and it has a secret in the factors that determine whether electricity is passed through the cell. There is a part called a floating gate in the cell, and data is recorded by holding electrons here. When electrons are stored, it becomes difficult for electricity to pass through the cell, so the value is zero. On the contrary, when erasing the data, the value is 1 because the electrons of the floating gate are expelled. In other words, it is necessary to move electrons in and out to rewrite data. If electrons are taken in and out many times, the parts of the oxide film in the cell will deteriorate and rewriting will not be possible, so the number of rewritable times is finite.

3.The materials of USB flash memory card
Memory is made of semiconductors. Those that conduct electricity are called conductors, those that do not conduct electricity are called non-conductors, and because they are in between, they are called semiconductors. Semiconductor devices are made from silicon. High-purity silicon that has been repeatedly refined is used for the semiconductor.

So far, we have introduced the principles of USB flash memory card and semiconductor materials. We also accept the purchase of electronic parts such as consumer electronics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.