TOP 10 Portable power bank as Promotional items from TALECT

Smart phones require more and more power, because we nearly use phones all the time, to call, watch video, listen to music or play games. But a modern smartphone is with a charged battery that can be used just a few hours. On the go and wherever there is no power supply to charge, portable power banks score with advertising as a great promotional gift. The emergency batteries could support you in power as a good friend. These portable power chargers are simply useful and excellent as advertising branded merchandise.

From, you could find different kinds of power bank for your choices as below:

1. Power bank 5000mah BC-P03

portable charger for iphone

Simple design in black/white unit color. Type C input 5V/2A.Super slim to for easy taking. This power is with two USB output, so you could charger 2 phones at the same time. It is just designed for pocket size and great promotional giveaways, which is in very competitive unit price.

2. Portable charger 10000mah BC-P02

portable battery pack

Much bigger power capacity in 10000mah, good choice for one whole day trip power support of your mobile phones or other devices. 10000mah power bank is ok to charge 2-3 times for most cellphones. Also in black and white unit color as most people like simple life and simple product color. Micro and type c inputs and fast output. This power is suitable for the personalized gift items with your logo, whatever silk print or digital full color print.

3. Power bank with wireless charger 5000mah WL-P10

wireless power bank

As promotional merchandise wireless power bank, WL-P10 is in 5000mah and Qi-enable 5W wireless charger. Imprinted wireless charger power supply is ok to carry your logo for all Qi standard devices. No traditional charging cable will be used any more.

4. Mobile power bank with wireless charger 10000mah WL-P11

10000mah big battery capacity power bank is ok to charge 3 phones simultaneously: 2 phones by USB outputs + 1 phone by wireless charging. Very excellent wireless power as personalized gift items with logo to impress new customers, reward your top performers, or incentivize sales.

5. Bamboo power charger in 10000mah BC-P06

portable charger for mobile phones

With natural bamboo case, BC-P06 is special and unique. Bamboo power bank is more and more favorite in these days due to its Eco-friendly case and good feelings when touch. BC-P06 will expand well your concept during the brand-centric marketing and creative advertising. Bamboo portable charger will inspire and strengthen your brands as incentives gifts.

6. Portable 5000mah wireless battery charger with fan W6026

qi wireless charger with cool fan

Foldable power bank 5000mah with wireless charger, also with cool fan function. As a fun, 5000mah power could run about 24 hours. And a 5000mah wireless bank is good option as advertising specialty product. This item is multifunctional and suitable for more choices. Different cute unit colors. And another model in same design is with Bluetooth speaker to play the music.

7. Shake light Portable bank with LED lighting logo 10000mah BC-P07

led light logo power bank

LED light logo is shinning when you use this power bank. It is much more attractive than the printing logo effects. White, blue or red color under choice. And this 10000mah power charger is ok to start by shaking the unit body. When shaking, it is ok to charge your phone and light up your logo.

8. Light logo power bank 10000mah BC-215

LED light power backpack

Simple black unit color, in 10000mah big capacity to charge your phones. Different light logo colors are available, such as white, red, blue, yellow and green. Simple concept for simple use only. But unique shinning custom logo is not common. It is a remarkable corporate gift for your marketing purpose.

9. Built-in cables power bank 10000mah BC-281

mobile charger with 4pcs charging cable included

With built-in cables together with the power charger unit, you don’t need to bring other charging cables with you now. BC-281 is with 4pcs integrated charging cables, including micro, type c, lighting and USB. And this power is in 10000mah, so you can trip for a whole day without taking cables. Just one unit is ok to charge different mobile phones.

10. Magnetic wireless charger bank 5000mah BC-300

BC-300 is a magnetic wireless charger, no need cables and you can charge the phone when walk around. You may take the charger with the phone together in your hand and go outside. No worrying about failing in charging the mobile. 5000mah is just in super slim design. This magnetic power bank is just for most new cellphone models, such as IPHONE 12 and following update models, which are supporting magnetic function. It is innovative and trending promotional product.