The smartphone is not only for calling or messaging, but also streaming music and road navigating. But nearly all the smartphones cannot support these for a long time, due to its around 2500mah-3500mah battery volume, so an extra phone charger is a must, especially when you are driving. Thus, wireless car charger for your smartphone is your real consideration now.

What to consider when choosing a car charger?

1. Charging speed. Qi standard wireless charging technology continues to improve, and the charging speed is much faster than ever. It is normal qi standard now. 5W,10W,15W is normal standard in wireless charging filed now. 5W is a little slower, and 15W requires type c cable and your smartphone supports fast charging. So 10W is the best one suitable for all cellphones in the markets now.

2. Mount type. To have your phone mounted in car makes it easier and much safter to get road navigation directions, call and answer callings, even stream music in the car. So you should think about how to mount your device.
Dashboard and windshield mounts: These mounts will use a suction cup or adhesive pad or sticker so you could affix to your car’s dash or windshield.
Vent mounts: This kind of mount will slip into a slat of your car’s AC vent.
CD-player mount: but less common for newer cars are equipped with CD player recently.

And more, we also need to consider more about car charger itself, such as:

The mount is sturdy enough, and safe enough
The mount can grip the phone tightly enough, not just slightly and easily drop off
We can easily mount and unmount the phone with one hand
If ok to charge the phone with a phone cover on
If ok to stable enough when on a rough way

For all considerations above, we suggest our best seller Qi wireless car charger W-Q12.
This wireless charging car vent charger but only in good quality but also in very affordable and competitive unit price. It is amazing!

1. W-Q12 universal Qi wireless charging car charger is designed to clip onto AC vent, also bundled with a suction pad with adhesive sticker, so you can affix onto dashboard too. Either is ok for you.
2. This car charger vent mount can rotate 360 degrees, that means you can use your smartphone in landscape or portrait mode as you like. The arms can grip your phone strongly, and cannot drop off easily. The clips onto vent is stable enough, too.
3. This vent charger is sturdy with strong clips when using and powerful enough to charge your smartphone. This one has up to 10W fast charging for Android phones and 7.5W for iPhones, which is considered fast wireless charging in Qi standard.
4. This qi wireless charger comes with a micro usb cable for power supply from USB slot of your car. It can provide you enough power when driving. Also, this car vent charger is easy to mount or unmount for your smartphone. It also ok to charge your phone wirelessly even with a phone case on, so long as the case is too thick.
5. The last and the most important, the unit price of this wireless car charger is very competitive, and it is the best choice as promotional or corporate gift. We have 100K sales volume in last 4 months
6. And of course, it is ok with your custom logo on. Good advertising item, right ?

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