rfid card holder blue colour

RFID NFC protection blocker in metal case with push design W2115

Keep safe for all your private cards
RFID, for “radio frequency identification”, is a kind of data tracking. The chip inside the cards holds all your privacy data, using radio waves to send information and complete transactions. RFID skimming can happen in a second. Once your personal information stolen, this data can be used to purchase things online shop, access bank accounts and even produce a clone of your card. The metal card holder works best to protect your private cards from being unauthorized scanned. We designed an aluminium metal cardholder to be as thin as possible while keeping its great ability to block RFID scans.

Detail Specifications:
Unit size : 10.5×6.2×1.2cm
weight : 60g
Product materials: Aluminum alloy+Lycra fabric+plastic slider
Unit color: Black, Brown, Blue, Grey
Metal case is to hold 5 card and some cashes
Protect yourself from unauthorized scan
Slider design to make you simply get the correct card you need

white cardboard box 
carton size: 45.5×24.5x17cm

Options: silk print, laser engrave
Position: on metal case of front side, or on fabric cloth of back side

More details about RFID protecting holder:

rfid card protector in 4 unit colours

RFID and NFC blocking holders

  • Metal aluminium case protects your cards from unwanted contactless communication, and lycra fabric on the other side to hold the card you want to use or case.
RFID NFC blocking case

Quick access to your card

  • Specially push design mechanism allows you one-hand operation, the most efficient way to pop up all cards easily in different height.
black RFID NFC blocking product black colour

Compact and light weight design

  • Slim pocket-sized metal alluminium card holder, convenient and safe to put in pocket and carry around.
rfid protection grey colours

5 cards to be holded

  • Designed to keep 5 standard-sized credit, bank or ID cards, meet your daily use. Some cashes inside fabric pocket,and the card you want to use soon.
rfid card holder
RFID blocking holder
anti rfid card holder

Please check below video for more details:

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