Mobile Phone Infrared Thermometer, No-Touch Forehead Thermometer with LED Display for Adults and Kids (Compatible with iOS, Type-C and Micro)

• 【Convenient】Insert this mini thermometer into the mobile phone and hold the infrared thermometer close to the skin, then it will show the temperature; The digital thermometer is convenient to carry and use at any time
• 【Accurate】 The No-Touch Forehead Thermometer reads temperature within 1 seconds, accurate to 0.2 degree
• 【High Temperature Alarm】This thermometer will beep when the temperature is too high
• 【°C / °F】Click the button on the back of the thermometer to convert °C / °F
• 【Specifications】Measuring Range: 32°C ~ 42 °C; Measuring Distance: 1~10 cm

* Temperature measurement: This thermometer supports indoor, human body, and environmental measurement, which is convenient and easy to use.
* Infrared temperature measurement: This thermometer uses infrared technology, which is accurate and effective.
* Mobile phone thermometer: This thermometer is connected to the mobile phone for processing, and it also supports two units of Fahrenheit and Celsius.