Apple customers may have noticed that iPhone boxes got noticeably smaller starting with the iPhone 12, when Apple removed some parts from the inside of the box. Like last year, iPhone 13 series doesn’t come with a charger, hence the smaller boxes.

Users will still receive charging cables, meaning you’ll only need an adapter to charge your iPhone 13. While most adapters will do the trick, it’s important to avoid using other third-party charging equipment for iPhones since they have different voltage values.
If this is your first time purchasing an iPhone and you don’t have an extra iPhone charger, then you’ll need to order one. The official charger will often be the best choice since it was designed to be used with the iPhone. Once you get yourself a power adapter, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone 13 with the cable that came out of the box.

Alternatively, you can also try out wireless charging since iPhone 13 models all support the feature. Placing your iPhone 13 on top of a wireless charger will be enough to start charging the battery. A power bank can also be an alternative, but you’ll need a cable to fully charge your iPhone 13 with a power bank.

Users who are looking to preserve their battery’s health can try keeping their charge levels around 20 and 72 percent. Letting your phone run out of battery or charging it to the max levels can degrade your battery life. Apple also offers battery replacements, so if your battery degrades faster than normal, you can always get it replaced to keep your iPhone new.

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