About order

About order

Warranty period Return policy

If the product does not work properly during warranty period and confirmed to be defective, the item could be returned for repair and TALECT will burden the half of freight for return. We also will burden the freight to send back after repair. We may need some pictures and videos to show the defective problems.

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How long is the warranty period?

Standard Warranty period: 1 year from the received date But followings are not applying to our warranty policy: Damage due to user negligence, accidents, dis-assembly, waterlog, misuse, abuse, alterations or vandalism. Improper or inadequate maintenance. Failure to perform required preventive maintenance use not following the ‘User Guide’ or any additional safety, use, or warnings

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About Ordering Process

Once you place your order, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail confirmation with PI number. If you want us to create logo layout (mockup of the item), simply reply to this e-mail and attach your logo artworks. Shortly thereafter (during business hours) you’ll receive an email from us about logo layout. Then you’ll have the opportunity

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What if I’m unhappy with my order?

If you’re unhappy with your order because the product is defective or ‘not as promised’ or the imprint quality isn’t ‘spot on’ just contact us and we’ll replace or rerun your order or refund your money. We’ll even pay the shipping to get the problem product returned. We are in this for the long-haul and

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