1.The wireless charger can be used for all Qi-abled device.
2.Some mobiles phones must be eqquiped a Qi receiver to be charged wirelessly.(Please read the discription carefully)
The new portable Qi-abled wireless charger pad can be used for QI standard receiver.For Qi-marked devices,you just need to put them on the wireless charger pad,it will work well,and for some other without Qi mark,you need buy a wireless charge reciver for you phone.
Here list the main phone modelS in the market to show you whether you need buy a receiver:
1. for Nokia Lumia 928/920/ 820 (International)———–can use directly
2. for LG(google) Nexus 4/ Nexus 5/ Nexus 7(For LG Nexus is a little special and its coil is below, so you need to align the phone to the top of the charger.)
3. for HTC Droid DNA/HTC 8X(international)—————can use directly
4. for Samsung Galaxy S 3/S4/S5 ( a Qi wireless receiver is required)
5. for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 /Note 3/Nite 4 ( a Qi wireless receiver is required)
6. for Samsung Galaxy S IV (Purchase of a Qi wireless receiver is required)
7. for Samsung Galaxy S V (Purchase of a Qi wireless receiver is required)
8. for iphone 4/4S,for iphone 5/5S/6/Plus ( a Qi Wireless receiver cover case is required)
9.For Samsung S6 and S6 edge——————————— can use directly .
10.for LG D1L/ LTE2/G3 D855 ———————————can be use direcly
11.for Sharp SH-07D/SH-04D/SH-02D—————————-can be use directly

And new versions of above branded phones